The problem
Our deepest. darkest, secrets are moneysecrets. Why? Because we don't save, we overspend, and only 6% of us can offord to retire.

Talking about money is becoming a taboo to the point that 62% of people would rather talk about their body weight.

What if we would be honest and open about the money issues we are burdened with?

Money secrets

Idea: Create a South African first, unbranded movie about the ordinary South Africans and their money secrets. With this film we capture people's attention in a way that numbers and adverts never could.

Secrets trended oragnically, making a film by a bank one of the most talked-about films of the year with over 79 milion views.

Nedbank ranked 1st in the 2019 Brands Eye Banking Sentiment Index. A first for the bank and a significant achievement considering its negative net setiments scores in the years prior.

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